Restoring Free Speech (Bill S.772)

Amending the Constitution is a bottom-up –not top-down– process.  The actions of town and city governments and state legislatures “chain up” the message to Congress and the powers-that-be that the people want change.

The MA State bill s772 is being considered in committee in the MA Legislature. Its passage would be a strong declaration of Massachusetts citizens desire for real, substantive changes.

Our Town Meeting resolution calls upon our representatives in the Legislature,  State Senator Richard Ross and State Representative Denise Garlick, to pass this resolution.

Such statements at Town Meetings are powerful messages to our next level of government — state legislature — and in turn, passage of bill s772 sends a powerful message to our Massachusetts Congressional delegation to take up the mantel of fixing the problem of money in politics and unregulated campaign spending and SuperPACs.

The text of s772 is below, and you can track the bill’s progress via the MA Legislature’s website. Continue reading