Putting Citizens United on the Ballot in Needham

We’ve passed a resolution at Needham Town Meeting. Let’s now let the people vote. Citizens are organizing to collect enough signatures in Needham to put the question on the November ballot.

Because of the technicalities of ballot petitions, and because of Needham’s split senatorial district, we need to get:

  • 200 Needham signatures from residents in Precincts D, E, F, G, H
  • 1200 total signatures from Needham Precincts A, B, C, I, J, combined with other towns from the Norfolk, Bristol, Middlesex Senatorial district (volunteers from the other towns are simultaneously collecting signatures, too)

All this needs to be done by the end of June.

Can you help collect signatures in your neighborhood?

Can you help collect signatures out in the community? (At the farmer’s market? At baseball practice? At the PTA meeting?)

Please contact: wethepeopleneedham@gmail.com

And if you see someone out there collecting signatures–take a minute and stop and sign your name for democracy!

(For more information on the larger initiative, read here)


About citizenspetition

Working to restore our democracy, by getting money out of politics, starting with overturning Citizens United v. FEC.

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