Jeff Clements (Concord Author and Lawyer) on Amending the Constitution

State and local resolutions [such as MA S772 and Needham’s Town Meeting petition are] “calling on Congress to send to the states a Constitutional Amendment to restore the First Amendment to what it was for over 200 years–

protection for the totally unfettered speech rights for people, but NOT for corporate rights and power to overrule the people.

“Citizens United” says that it doesn’t matter what the people think, and that the First Amendment protects corporations and their “right” to put all the money they want (as the decision sees it) into our elections.

If you agree that a responsive self-government of the people can’t survive that doctrine, then the Amendment is the path.

Now, the Amendment path can result in the change even without the passage of the amendment.

We saw that with the The ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) amendment failed to get ratified but it changed the world. It changed the culture, it changed the conversation with the fundamentally simple notion proposition that women are equal and tho it din’t get ratified, our laws, our culture increasingly believes that women are equal and will enforce that proposition.

–Jeff Clements (from the video above)

We need to look at what Citizens United really asks us to do, which is to accept a lot.

The court asks us to pretend that corporations are not massive creations of state, federal, and foreign laws.

It asks us to pretend that they’re just like people, that they have voices, and that we’re not allowed to make separate rules for them.

–Clements at Harvard Law School, Feb. 2012


About citizenspetition

Working to restore our democracy, by getting money out of politics, starting with overturning Citizens United v. FEC.

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