Need a primer on Citizens United? This is a good place to start!

This 8 minute video from “The Story of Stuff” is a great introduction to the history and current status of money in our politics and what we can do about it.

Sometimes it takes a comic or two to show the absurdities of our world. Watch  Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, and former John McCain 2008 Presidential Campaign advisor Trevor Potter discuss the complicated legalese of SuperPACs and the fuzzy borders of “Campaign Coordination.”

Watch at this link

Indecision 2012 – Colbert Super PAC – Coordination Resolution with Jon Stewart – The Colbert Report – 2012-12-01 – Video Clip | Comedy Central


About citizenspetition

Working to restore our democracy, by getting money out of politics, starting with overturning Citizens United v. FEC.

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